Peter Clark is a collagist of genius. Over the past decade he has built up an international reputation with his extraordinary creations – images full of wit, truth, beauty and, even, pathos, fashioned from a wonderful array of found vintage-papers and other collected materials. He has exhibited in London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto.

Although most celebrated for his images of dogs, Clark’s subject matter extends across the whole animal kingdom (horses, tigers, bulls, pigs, zebras, fish) – and far beyond it, to include suits, tutus, handbags, cameras, motorbikes, boats, trophies and teapots.

Besides his unique collage pieces, Clark has also produced a small series of prints, individualizing each work in the edition by collaging a piece of paper on to it. A best-selling book on his art, Paper Work – Peter Clark was published by Black Dog, London, in 2009.

To learn more about Peter and to see more of his amazing collages, visit his website.

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