The Daily Muse: Gelli Printing in Bemidji

As many of you know, I recently returned from a week long art retreat in Bemidji, MN with friends Brian Kasstle, John Arbuckle and our wonderful host Terry Garrett. While we were there we spent one entire day working on gelli prints.

Antonio Donghi

The Daily Muse: Antonio Donghi
(1897 – 1963), Italian Painter

Born in Rome, Antonio Donghi studied painting at the Instituto di Belle Arti from 1908 to 1916. After military service in World War I, he studied art in Florence and Venice, soon establishing himself as one of Italy’s leading figures in the…

Juan Francisco Adaro

The Daily Muse: Juan Francisco Adaro, Mixed Media Artist

Juan Francisco Adaro is an artist of all visual media, however, he is most well know as a painter whose signature painting style is the utilization of oil, watercolor, industrial paint, gesso, and acrylic in a chaotic freestyle form while creating…

Oliver Jeffers, Artist

The Daily Muse: Oliver Jeffers
Artist and Illustrator

From figurative painting and installation to illustration and picture-book making, Jeffers work takes many forms. His distinctive paintings have been exhibited in multiple cities, including the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Brooklyn…

Joshua Petker

The Daily Muse: Joshua Petker, Painter

Joshua Petkers was an active graffiti writer from an early age, Petker painted as a street artist through college. While pursuing a degree in History, his interest in the arts and Art History expanded beyond graffiti.

Claude Cahun

The Daily Muse: Claude Cahun (1894 – 1954) – Artist, Photographer and Writer

Claude Cahun was a French artist, photographer, and writer. Her work was both political and personal, and often undermined traditional concepts of gender roles. Though Cahun's writings suggested she identified as agender, most academic writings use…

The Daily Muse: Elo Marc, Collage/Mixed Media Artist and Designer

Based in San Diego, California. Elo Marc is a collage artist who graduated from City College in 2009 with an AA Degree in Graphic Design. During the course, Elo developed an appreciation for collage and explored a rich and diverse array of mixed…

Kathy Weaver, Artist

The Daily Muse: Kathy Weaver, Artist

Kathy Weaver explores areas of science and technology through robots and organic macro worlds. Utilizing the fiber media, Weaver’s airbrush paintings on bridal satin, then embroideries and quilts the work. Her unusual designs often include robots…

Allen Crawford

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Allen Crawford

Allen and Susan Crawford founded Plankton Art Company in 1996.

Louise Bourgeois

The Daily Muse:
Louise Bourgeois (1911 – 2010)

Louise Bourgeois is widely considered to have been one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. In a career spanning seventy years, she produced an intensely personal body of work that is as complex as it is diverse.

Carly Swenson, Artist

The Daily Muse: Carly Swenson, Mixed Media Artist

Elusive Muse is pleased to share the extraordinary work of mixed media artist Carly Swenson.

Alphonso Dunn

The Daily Muse:
Alphonso Dunn Video Tutorials

Alphonso Dunn has put together a vast collection of drawing tutorials for us to explore on YouTube. Enjoy these great videos on drawing portraits, heads, and facial features.

Jake Fried

The Daily Muse: Hand-Drawn Animation by Jake Fried

Jake Fried (1984) began his artistic career as a painter, but as he went through the process of layering and modifying images, he realized what truly interested him was the way the images metamorphosed in the course of making a painting and he…

Christina Chung

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Christina Chung

Christina Chung is an illustrator currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Her works are a blend of both traditional and digital media held together by a line and pattern-based style. Her work is sensitive, delicate and infused with…

bruno walpoth

The Daily Muse: Bruno Walpoth, Sculptor

Bruno Walpoth can practically turn wood into flesh. The Italian artist has a knack for creating haunting, incredibly lifelike sculptures carved out of wood. His works somehow manage to capture the expressiveness in a person's eyes and the body's…